Raven's Crown

He’ll follow her across an ocean to claim her as his own.


She ran from me. Not just to her home across town, but to another country. She swore she loved me with every word, every kiss, every time I took her to heaven with our bodies. I never cared that she was a princess in her country, heir to the throne, and richer than King Midas. All that matters is that she’s mine. I’ll do whatever is necessary to make her my wife. Even if that means her kingdom will never be the same.


Loving him was all that mattered to me. Until the day I was called home to take my rightful place as the heir to my father’s throne. Leaving him almost broke me but there was no other choice. Then he shows up unannounced and looking more handsome than I’d ever imagined. My entire heart, body, and soul belong to him, but I need to protect him from the politics of my world. He doesn’t understand but I left to protect him. Now that’s he’s come for me, I don’t have the strength to walk away from him again.


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