Promise Me

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is the hard part.

One day is all they need, to remember why they fell in love.

From the outside looking in, Brandon and Monique Rivera were the perfect love story. College sweethearts who'd fallen for each other at first sight, they'd been inseparable from the first day they laid eyes on each other. They were the couple everyone looked to as the gold-standard and they're love held strong, even in the face of family conflicts and long-held beliefs.

After years of loving each other and building a family, the cracks are starting to show in the once perfect relationship. The reality of life, raising two kids, and long hours at work, was an ongoing challenge to their marriage. When the nights are long, and the days filled with chaos, Brandon and Monique must stay focused on each other, their lives, and their love.


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