Closer to You

Taking risks has never felt so right...

Penelope Lucas was much too serious. She works too hard at pleasing everyone but herself. On a whim, she finally decides to go out with some friends for a night on the town to let loose. When she sets eyes on the unforgettable man standing across the room, she throws caution to the wind and decides to live a little.

Gabriel Turner was not your typical guy. In fact, he was so far from the average guy, he sometimes wondered himself when and where he had gotten lost. Work was too hard and life was too short. He needed something, or someone, to force him out of his stuffy, shark-infested world.

While visiting the nation's capital to decide if he will move his company headquarters, little does Gabriel know that his life is on a collision course with the one person who will make him want everything he once thought he would never have.

What starts as a night of letting go of inhibitions and taking risks, quickly becomes a love that neither is willing to let go of. No matter the cost.


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