Saving lives is his calling, or so he thought. When doing what he loves turns into his greatest fear, the lines between black and white turn gray. A little boy who needs to be saved, and a beautiful mother he can’t stay away from, bring him back from the darkness. Life and death are a part of his daily life, but Julian must find his own road to Absolution before he loses the one person he never realized he needed.


Raising her son was her only focus. When their lives are shattered by a devastating event, she knows they need a miracle. When he enters their lives, he seems to be the answer to her prayers. Now she wants nothing more than to grab on to him and never let go. Being a good mother was all that mattered, but that was before Julian entered their lives and made her desire something more. Is she willing to open her heart to someone who hasn’t forgiven himself for his past mistakes?


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